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Server Repair

server repair

Server Repair services.

A Server is a device that provides an interface for the execution of the software by a computer. The software can be stored on the server or it can be transmitted from one Isle to another. The software might be executed on the sending host or some other target.

Lynix World provides server deployment and server repair services to help you maintain your servers in a good state. We provide software updates, restores, and patches for your security and safety. We also offer serviceability options that allow you to re-activate your computer after it has been damaged or needs repairs. Our services are available 24/7.

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server maintenance

Our Services Include:

  • New Server Implementation

  • Server Installation

  • Server Maintenance

  • Server Migrations

  • Server Restores

  • Server Upgrades

  • Server Hardware Repair

  • Server Technical Support

  • Server Backup and Recovery

  • Server Fix and Break Services

  • Server Relocations

  • Server 24/7 Remote and On-site Support

  • Server Security

Types Of Servers We Deal in:

  • Ubuntu Server

  • Blade Server

  • Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Virtual Servers

  • VMware

  • Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Microsoft Small Business Server

  • Support all Microsoft Server Versions

How We Work:

Before moving from an old server to a new one, we first diagnose your server and restore configuration and files from previous backups, if any. If any data was lost or corrupted due to a system crash, it can be restored from this point. Once all issues are resolved on the old server, we will move all users over to the new server while making sure they are properly configured and able to access their work on both servers so that they don’t have to worry about migrating their work off-site (or vice versa). We will then start with an assessment of what needs to be done for us to provide you with your full-service level agreement (SLA). This will include a report of any issues or problems we may have encountered in our assessment.

  • Once this assessment is complete, we will start with a review for any “must-have” hardware or software upgrades or fixes for any issues found during our assessment stage.
  • We will then proceed with any updates or upgrades required for existing systems for them to be ready for the new server.
  • Once any updates or upgrades are complete, we will then proceed with the migration of users over to the new system.
  • Once all users have been migrated over, we will then start on a full assessment of our new server and any problems that may have arisen during the migration process.

Service Through Website

Follow the following steps to order through our website :

  • Select the required service
  • Specify your budget
  • Get a confirmation from us

Service Through Phone Call

Frequently Asked Questions

The server must be constantly maintained in both form and detail. It must remain reliable and completely comprehensible to users and servers. To minimize the impact of emergencies or disruptions, it is important to keep the server up-to-date with the latest technology and changes. remediation measures may need to be taken when something goes wrong, but a well-maintained server provides a more balanced, healthy environment for users, systems, and components.

There is a time and place for every type of server. A new server should be set up as long as it can meet the specific needs of your business. You should choose a motherboard, processor, operating system, and memory that are compatible with the features of your old one. It is also important to consider the cost of replacement parts versus the cost of just buying a new one. The decision on whether or not to replace your server will depend on several factors, including what type of business you will be running, how many people are using it together regularly, and how much money you can afford to spend.

New server deployment is often seen as a valued experience, providing new opportunities for efficiency and productivity. It also requires time and effort that is often necessary to maintain the system. Server Maintenance, however, can be a costly decision that may not provide the benefits desired. New server deployments can help reduce the amount of time needed to keep the system running while providing new opportunities for growth and improvement.