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Laptop, Macbook, Imac, Computer Repair service in Zirakpur

Looking for a professional repair service provider? Get an instant quote with us! We offer reliable and affordable repair services, and we can fix any product. Call now!

If you’re looking for an electronics repair company, Lynix World Repair Service in Zirakpur can help. 

A broken screen on your phone or tablet? We’ll fix it. Dropped your laptop and now its keyboard doesn’t work? 

We have the experts to take care of that too. No matter what type of electronic device you have, we’ve got the solution for you. If you want a quote or would like more information about our services, please contact us today! 

Lynix World Repair Service is a professional service provider for all types of electronic devices in Zirakpur!


Our Services

Laptop Display Break Replacement Zirakpur.

Are you encountering a problem with the display of your laptop? Then our professionals are here to help. We replace broken laptop displays so that they work as good as new! If you need help, call us now.

Laptop Hard Disk or SSD Change In Zirakpur.


Have your hard drive or SSD broken? It’s time for a replacement. We install Solid State Drives (SSD) or regular Hard Disk Drives (HDD) in laptops.

Laptop Ram Upgrade or Change In Zirakpur.

Is your laptop slow? It’s probably not a problem with the computer, it’s likely to be a RAM issue. We install additional ram in laptops to make them run faster and perform better.

Laptop Charger Replacement At Doorstep In Zirakpur

Does your laptop’s charger feel extremely hot or give you a shock when you touch it? Is your laptop charging slowly even though the LED light says that it’s plugged in? If this is the case then it’s probably time for a new charger! We can replace faulty chargers with chargers that work better and last longer.

Windows/ Linux Installation Service In Zirakpur.

Do you have a computer that can’t run Windows or any other operating system? Our technicians can get your computer running again by installing a new version of Windows!

iPhone Broken Screen Or Glass Repair/ Replacement Service In Zirakpur.

Do you have an iPhone with a cracked screen? We can replace the screen for you and save your phone from being unusable! If you’re interested in receiving this service our technicians will fix your iPhone and get you on your way!

iPhone Battery Replacement Or Repair Service  In Zirakpur.

Are you sick of having to charge your iPhone several times a day? Our technicians can replace the battery in your device so that it stays powered up for longer. 

We’ll also calibrate the battery, which means that you won’t have to worry about your iPhone losing power at the worst of times.

iMac Repair Service At Doorstep In Zirakpur

Are you having problems with your iMac? We can repair it for you. For a reasonable price, we’ll fix whatever issue that you’re having and get things working properly again.

MacBook Charger/Port Repair Service In Zirakpur

Are you having problems with charging your MacBook or connecting devices to it? Don’t be afraid. 

Our technicians can replace the USB ports on MacBooks so that you aren’t constantly frustrated.  

Smartphone Repair Samsung/ Oppo/ Redmi/ Oneplus in Zirakpur

Do you have a damaged smartphone? Whether it’s cracked or completely unresponsive, we can fix things up for you. We offer all sorts of phone repair services, including screen replacements and water damage repair.

Printer Repair At Home In Zirakpur

We provide repair services for Printers. We offer the following printer services: Printer Repair, Printer Installation Service, Printer Panel Change, Office Printer Installation Service, LaserJet Repairs, and Fuser Replacement Services.

Server Services And Repair In Zirakpur

Do you have a server that is not working? We can provide Server Services for all your network and internet requirements. 

We offer the following services:

Server Hardware Installation & Configuration, Network Setup, Server Repair, Data Recovery Service, Server Upgrade, Cloud Backup Service, Shared Servers/VPS Setup, and Support. 

Laptop Camera Change Or Body Change In Zirakpur

Are you finding that the camera on your laptop isn’t working properly? Are the pictures distorted or something is wrong with how it functions overall? 

We can replace any kind of laptop camera so that it works better than ever before!

Laptop TouchPad Replacement By Experts At Doorstep In Zirakpur

Do you find that your touchscreen has stopped working properly? Our techs can repair or replace it!

Have you given up on your laptop? Does it have a broken screen, keyboard, or body? No problem! 

We can replace the entire thing with a brand new one—the perfect alternative if you don’t want to spend money on a new laptop. 

Call Us Now!

If you’re in need of an electronic repair service, don’t hesitate to call us. 

We have the expertise and equipment necessary for all your needs. No job is too big or small!  

At Lynix World we are confident that our team can fix any type of device problem quickly and affordably. 

Call us today if you would like a free assessment on what repairs may be needed for your specific product–we’ll do whatever it takes to get it back up and running as soon as possible!

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