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Laptop Macbook mobile iPhone Apple watch Repair In Pune

We have the best and most efficient repair services in Pune. Our team is very professional and well-trained, so they will fix your electronics without causing any damage.

Lynix World Repair Service is a professional service provider for all your electronic repair needs. 

It has helped countless people in Pune with their technology repairs and continues to do so. We can help you too!

Our services range from computer and laptop repair, mobile phone screen repairs, printer installation troubleshooting, software installations or virus removal – we have it all covered! 

Contact us today at +91-8-00-00-0-2218 or if you need any assistance with your tech problems!

The Services We Offer In Detail!

Apple Products And Repair In Pune.

iPhone Repair Service In Pune.

We repair all Apple iPhones and most of the parts for them. Whether you’re having trouble with your screen, your charging cord, or anything else on it, our team will fix it!

iPad Repair Service In Pune.

Do you have an iPod that won’t charge anymore? We can install a new charging port and ensure that your device is working properly. 

If it’s not, we can provide a replacement part as well!

iMac Repair By Experts In Pune.

Our Mac Repairs team offers a service to repair computers, laptops, and monitors. Come on in for screen repairs, battery replacements, hard drives, and much more!

MacBook Repair Service By Professionals In Pune.

If you find that your MacBook is having trouble waking up, booting, or performing other functions, then it’s time to have a look at the Hard Disk Drive. 

Our team can replace your HDD and give you back a laptop that performs like new! And if you need us to repair any other part of your MacBook, we’re here to help you there as well!

All Kinds of Laptops And Desktop Repair In Pune.

Laptop screen repair and replacement services are critical to get your computer going, or replace a broken one. Our technicians have years of experience repairing different types of laptop screens.

We have the highest quality parts and tools to ensure a job is done right.

Keyboard Replacement At Home In Pune.

The keyboard is one of the most important components of your computer. It is the first thing a user sees when they turn on their device, and it serves as an essential way to interact with your computer.

We have the tools and expertise to repair a keyboard on any type of device. From desktop computers to laptops, we can help get your keypad up and running again.

Laptop Body Replacement at the doorstep in Pune.

Sometimes your laptop’s body is broken, but you do not need it replaced entirely. Whether the cover is cracked or you have a missing screen latch, we can help get it fixed quickly. 

We have the expertise to handle any type of issue on your device.

Laptop TouchPad Replacement In Pune

The touchpad is an essential part of a laptop or computer, allowing users to navigate through different menus and other features.

We offer help replacing your touchpad, whether it’s the actual pad or the track area surrounding it that has problems.

We have years of experience fixing laptops so you can trust our team with any job.

Hard Disk or SSD Change At the best price in Pune.

Hard Disk or Solid State Drive is a key part of your computer. When it gets damaged, it can cause critical issues to your data and computer as well. 

So in order to prevent further loss, get the Hard Disk/SSD Replacement from us without any delay!

Battery Replacement For Macbook Or Laptop In Pune.

If your laptop is running out of battery frequently then it is time to get a new one but if you are searching for the same for your computer then you have landed up on the right page.

We provide good quality and affordable Laptop Batteries. So don’t think much and place an order now while stock lasts!

All Things Software We Support.
Malware Virus Removal Service In Pune.

Malware is a type of software that can infect your computer. This malware is usually hidden and uses your computer’s resources, such as stealing information such as passwords or credit card numbers. 

Malware is used for phishing scams, identity theft, or can slow down your computer dramatically! We remove all types of malware from computers so you’ll never see it again!

We can install antivirus software after we remove the malware for you, so your device is protected from future attacks.

Tune-Up & Optimization For Your Mac And Laptop.

Our technicians do a thorough scan of your computer when they do a tune-up and optimization. This will find problems with your computer that are causing slowdowns and other issues. Once we fix the problems, your computer runs faster and more efficiently than before

Windows And Linux Installation

Do you have a computer that has Windows but you want to update it to the latest version? We can help! Our technicians will install the new version of Windows and help get your computer up and running like new again!

Printer Repair In Pune.

Have you been annoyed by not being able to print? We can repair your printer so that it functions perfectly for you. 

If we find any other part damaged aside from the problem, we’ll just let you know about it and can get the job done as soon as possible!

Data Recovery By Professionals.

Have you tried to recover lost data from a broken laptop, only to find that it is irreparable? Don’t worry! We can extract the needed info and save it onto a new computer or another storage device.

We can even go through damaged devices and retrieve whatever getable data we can for you. Just contact us with your situation, and we’ll let you know what the next step is.

Give A Call Today!

If you need a repair service in Pune, we’re here for you. 

Give us a call and we can help with laptop repairs, iPhone repairs, MacBook repairs or any other device that needs some love. 

We also offer server services if you are looking to get your business up and running quickly!

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