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Laptop Macbook, Printer, Mobile, iPhone, Apple Watch, Repair In Panchkula

Repairs services for your laptops, iPhones, iMacs, Printer, and other devices by certified technicians In Panchkula. Contact us now!

One of the most frustrating things as a modern human is when your electronic device stops functioning. 

Whether it’s one of those old-school battery-operated radios or a brandnew phone, we all know how important they are to our lives. 

But when something malfunctions and needs repair, where do you turn? If you’re in Panchkula and looking for good service providers, look no further than Lynix World Repair Service! 

We offer a fast turnaround on repairs with affordable rates for all types of electronics. Contact us today to get your devices back up and running again!

Services We Offer

iPhone Repair By Experts At DoorStep In Panchkula

Do you have an iOS device? Is it not responding to your touch, failing to stay connected to Wifi, or maybe even having a broken screen? 

Please let us know and we’ll get the problem solved right away!

iMac Repair By Experts In Panchkula

Do you have an iMac? Is its screen broken, not working properly, or showing a strange discolouration? Don’t worry! Our technicians know all about how to repair them.

We can replace the screen for you and get it running properly again in no time!

MacBook Repair At Home By Professionals In Panchkula

Do you have an old MacBook in need of repair? We can help. 

Our technicians have the experience and tools to fix any problem that may be going on with your computer, making it run like new again!

iPad Repair Service By Experts In Panchkula

Do you find the screen on your iPad cracked? Does it not respond to any taps or does it not display properly? If so, then we can help! 

Our team of experts is able to fix iPads with broken screens and replace them for a low price. We also offer typing replacements and overall cleaning services for these devices.

Malware Or Antivirus Removal Service In Panchkula

Do you have a virus on your computer? Are ads popping up out of nowhere and it’s making your browsing experience unbearable? 

If so, then our Malware Removal Service is just what you need. 

Simply drop off your laptop or desktop at one of our locations, and our technicians will use the best available software to remove all viruses from your device.

Hard Disk or SSD Upgrade Change

The hard drive or SSD on your computer is the engine. Without it, you’re stuck with a brick! 

Our team of experts can repair, upgrade, and change out hard drives so your device will get back to normal ASAP!

Laptop Display Repair Or Replacement In Panchkula

Does your laptop screen have dead pixels? Is there a section of the screen that is stuck on one image even when you turn off the computer and restart it? 

If so, then we might just be able to help! Our technicians can replace laptop displays.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement At Home Panchkula

Our team is experienced at replacing laptop keyboards. 

If your keyboard has stopped working or needs to be replaced, our experts can get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Ram Upgrade Or Replacement In Panchkula

Our team will upgrade the RAM in your computer so you can have a smooth experience when using your laptop or desktop.


We’ll get it working faster for you, and you won’t have to wait as long when running programs or using different programs at once.

Laptop Power Supply Replacement

Is your laptop battery not charging, or is it working very slowly? Does the charger give an odd noise when you plug it in? If either of these is true, then we might just be able to help! 

Our team will provide parts and labour warranty on all power supply replacements. So if something goes wrong during the repair process, you won’t have to pay extra.

Laptop Speaker/ Body Replacement In Panchkula

Are you having trouble hearing the dialogue in your movies and videos? Or are you turning up the volume to the highest setting, but you can’t hear anything? 

If so, then it’s time for a Speaker Replacement! Our team is experienced at replacing laptop speakers at a great price!

Windows Linux Installation In Panchkula 

Do you have a Windows Operating System that is not working properly? Or are you tired of seeing the “blue screen of death”? If so, then our Windows Installation Service is just what you need. 

Our specialists can come to your home or office and install a fresh copy of Windows for you on your computer.

Printer Repair At Home In Panchkula

Are you having trouble with your printer? We can help. Our technicians have experience fixing all kinds of printers and will get yours working as smoothly as it did when you first got it!

Server Repair Services  In Panchkula

Do you have a server that needs to be installed? Or maybe it’s slow and needs to be optimized? Whatever the problem is, our technicians can get it back on track!

Wireless Router Configuration Or Repair In Panchkula

Do you have a wireless router not properly connecting to your network? 

Or maybe it’s just broken and needs replacing? Our technicians are here to help! 

We can fix the problem that is causing you grief or replace the router entirely if needed.

Let Us Help You!

If you need laptop repair, computer repair, printer repairs or server services in Panchkula then we can help. 

We offer a range of different types of technical assistance to get your technology functioning again and back on track for productivity. 

Give us a call today to learn more about our service offerings and how they might be able to benefit you!

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