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Laptop, Printer, Macbook, Mobile, iPhone, Apple Watch, Repair In Noida.

We are the best repair services providers in Noida, Greater Noida. Our repairs include Laptop Repairing (MacBook/Notebook), Printer repairing, iPhone repair and much more. Call us!

Lynix World Repair Service is a professional repair service company in Noida, Greater Noida. 

We offer a wide range of electronics repair services that include repairing phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices. 

You can get your phone repaired by submitting an online request or visiting our store to discuss your device with one of our trained technicians. 

Our team is available for all your needs!

Our Services

Smartphone Repair, Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Redmi Service At Doorstep.


Your phone just won’t turn on? The screen is cracked or smashed and you can’t do anything? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We fix all types of smartphones from phones that are water damaged to things like broken screens and much more!

MacBook Repair At Doorstep By Professional In Noida

Is your MacBook making noises that it shouldn’t? Is the screen showing lines or is there a weird flickering effect going on? We can repair any issue with the hardware!

Server Services And Repair In Noida.

Let us be your tech team, providing you with everything from website hosting to email service. 

We’ll have one of our technicians take a look at the server services that will best suit what needs you need!

Data Recovery In Noida

At Lynix World, we can help you get your precious data back. Did a system crash or software malfunction lead to the loss of valuable information? 

Or are you in need of us after experiencing hardware failure? We know how important this is and will do everything possible to give it our all for recovery purposes. 

Put our experience with recovering lost data into action today!

Laptop Display Break Or Replacement In Noida


Laptops are great devices for convenience, but they can be very fragile. If you have a cracked screen or your display isn’t working as well as it used to don’t worry!

Our technicians will come out and diagnose the problem before repairing it so that we know exactly what needs fixing!

iPad Repair At Home In Noida

The iPad is one of the most popular tablets on the market, but it’s not immune to problems. If your device starts acting funny or freezes up when you’re trying to use an app, contact our team! We have experience fixing any problem with iPads and work quickly so that you can get back into those apps as soon as possible.

Windows Installation Or Linux Installation In Noida

Do you need to install or reinstall Windows on your laptop? We are experts at doing this, and we can do it as fast and cleanly as possible. Whatever computer you have, we can handle it!

iPhone Repair By Experts In Noida

Do you have an iPhone that no longer responds to your touch commands? Our technicians can diagnose the problem and fix it so that your phone is working as it should. 

Whatever issue you are having, our team will do everything they can to get you back in control of your iPhone Device!

iMac Repair By Professional With Invoice In Noida

Our technicians can fix any problem which may be preventing your iMac from working properly. 

We’ve fixed all kinds of broken screens and unresponsive machines in the past, so you’re in good hands with us!

Printer Repair By professional At Home or office In Noida

Are you having problems with your printer that are making it impossible to print? 

You’re not alone; we deal with this every day. We can fix the issues, so call today to set up an appointment!

Ram Upgrade Or Replacement At Best Cost In Noida

Does your laptop seem like it’s running a bit sluggishly? Is it taking too long to open an app or load a web page? 

If so, then you might need more RAM! We can upgrade laptops’ memory so that they run like new again. 

Hard Disk or SSD Change Or Upgrade at Home in Noida

Is your laptop hard drive getting full? Does it make weird clicking noises when you startup? If so, then this might be a sign that your old hard drive needs to be replaced. 

We are able to change the hard drives in your laptops so they can store much more information!

Laptop Keyboard Replacement In Noida

Our team of experts can fix any laptop keyboard. Whether you need a replacement or just cleaning up your dirty, broken keys we can make it look like new again!

Laptop Battery Change In Noida

Do you find yourself always carrying your laptop charger around so that you can get it to work? If so, then your battery might be causing the problem. 

Our team of experts will change the old one for you and get it working like new once again!

Laptop Graphics Card Change or Repair In Noida

Are you having problems with your computer? Does it not turn on, or does the screen have a strange appearance? 

Your graphics card may be damaged. Our technicians can change out your graphics card for a new one and get your system working properly again!

Call Us Today!

If you need a reliable repair service in Noida, Greater Noida, look no further. We offer to repair laptops, iPhones and Macs of all kinds. 

Our technicians are skilled at repairing smartphones as well as printers and servers plus many more devices. 

Give us a call today for the best customer service experience around!

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