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Laptop, Macbook, Printer, Imac, Computer Repair service in Mumbai

We offer to repair. Laptop Repair, iPhone repair, iMac repair, Macbook repair, Smartphone Repair and Printer Repair near me at the best price. Server Services also available in Mumbai. Call us now!

Lynix World Repair Service is a leading repair service in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. 

We provide the best quality services at affordable prices for all your laptop repairs, phone repairs, hardware fixes, and software needs. 

Our experts are certified to perform any kind of repair on any make or model of laptops with our state-of-the art equipment. 

Give us a call today for more information!

Services We Offer

Laptop Battery Change in Mumbai

Do you find yourself working on your laptop only to see that the battery is dead? We can replace it so that you are never without a full and long-lasting power supply.

iPhone Repair Near Me In Mumbai

Cracked screens, smashed glass; whatever your issue is with your iPhone’s screen we can fix it! Our repair service covers a wide range of phone issues. 

We offer water damage repairs and all sorts of other things too-whatever you need to get back in touch with the world again just ask us about our services today!

MacBook Repair At Doorstep In Mumbai.

Is your MacBook giving you trouble? Whether it’s just a little too slow or the screen won’t turn on at all, we can help. We know Macs inside and out so don’t worry about us messing with something that could mess up even more!

iMac Repair By Professional In Mumbai.

Is your iMac running slow? We can replace the hard drive on all models of iMacs. This will give it some much-needed space and make things run more smoothly!

Smartphone Repair Oppo, Oneplus, Samsung & Redmi In Mumbai

If your phone is not turning on, it’s probably because you’ve got a broken power button. We can fix that for you! If the screen doesn’t come back on after pushing and holding down the Power Button in 20 seconds or less (or if there are no lights at all), we’ll need to look into replacing some of its internal components. 

Data Recovery By Professionals In Mumbai.

If you lost your important data due to unexpected system failures, software crashes or hardware failures then don’t think about it right now. 

We are here at Lynix World to help you in getting back your valuable files and documents that are worth our money.

Laptop, Mobile Motherboard Repair In Mumbai

Our technicians are experts in repairing motherboards so that you can be back to using your laptop as smoothly and quickly as ever. 

Don’t let a faulty motherboard keep slowing down all of the other parts of your computer, call us today!

Laptop Camera Change or Body change in Mumbai.

Is your webcam low-quality? Let us replace it with a highquality camera so you can take better pictures of the things that matter most!

Windows Installation or Linux In Mumbai.

Ever thought about changing your laptop’s operating system? We can install Windows and get rid of all the junk in the process to help you with that messy old computer!

Laptop Charger Replacement In Mumbai.

Do you need a replacement laptop charger? We can fix that for as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Once we have the new one installed, your battery life will be better than ever again, just like when you first got your computer! Stop being without power in no time by contacting us today.

Laptop Ram Upgrade or replacement in Mumbai

If you’ve been running lots of different programs at once or using your laptop to play high-powered games, then it could be time for a Ram upgrade! Our technicians can replace laptops’ memories so that they have more space for the tasks you’re trying to accomplish.

iPad Repair In Mumbai.

Is your iPad acting strange? Forgetting to respond to simple commands, crashing programs, or just not opening apps correctly? Then we can help! Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to fix any problem you’re having.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement In Mumbai

Want to enjoy your laptop again? Our team of experts can replace and repair laptops that need new keyboards so you don’t have a hard time typing. 

Let us help get back on track with our fast, affordable service anytime!

Hard Disk or SSD Change In Mumbai.


We can change your hard drive for you, whether it’s an old one or if it has been corrupted by malware.


Our team will diagnose your problem before giving you a quote to make sure that we’re not making any mistakes!

Laptop Hinge Broken replacement In Mumbai

Are you having issues with your laptop screen falling over or not staying up? That’s a sign that the hinges on the machine need to be replaced. Our technicians can ensure this is done properly for you, so give us a call!

Laptop DVD Change at Doorstep

Are you playing DVDs, but the disc isn’t turning, or maybe is reading at a very slow pace? We can replace your laptop’s optical drive with an external USB one, allowing you to burn CDs and DVDs again! It will be like having a new laptop!

Call Us Today!

We offer to repair laptop, iPhone, iMac and MacBook. 

Our team of experts will take care of all your tech needs from repairing a printer or server service to fixing the latest smartphone. 

Give us a call today at 80000 02218 for more information about what we can do for you!

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