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Laptop, Macbook, iMac, iPhone, Computer Repair service in Mohali

Get your MacBook, iPhone, or any other electronic device fixed with us. We offer the best solutions to fix all problems that you might be facing. Book Now!

Lynix World Repair Service in Mohali is the best place to get your device fixed.

We have a wide range of services for any type of problem you might be having with your computer or phone and more!

If you need a new screen or hard drive, we will help you find the right one for your machine.

We have all the necessary tools and experience to fix your broken device and get it back up and running again. Our prices are very reasonable so that we can be accessible to everyone in Mohali!

Services We Offer

Laptop Repair By Experts In Mohali.

We are your one-stop shop for all of your laptop needs! Our experts can help you with any repair, from a new battery to an upgrade in RAM. We also offer screen replacement and water damage protection plans so that accidents don’t ruin your day.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement By Professionals In Mohali

If you’re experiencing any unusual problems with your keyboard, such as dropped letters or missing keys, it’s probably time to replace the whole thing. Laptop keyboards are essential for typing and our team can help put a new one in!

Laptop Body Replacement Or Repair In Mohali

You have a laptop that needs replacing, but you don’t want to spend the money on new hardware?

That’s understandable! We offer Laptop Body Replacement services. 

Our technicians will come right out and replace your old computer with something newer, lighter weight, more powerful—whatever it is you’re looking for in a machine. 

It has never been easier than today to get what you need without breaking the bank!

Laptop TrackPad Replacement In Mohali.

We know how difficult it is to use your laptop with a unresponsive trackpad. That’s why we offer an affordable solution for replacing laptops where the touchpad has become inoperable. Our technicians can get you back up and running as soon as possible, so give us call today!

Fix Your Broken Laptop Display

If you’re one of the many people who’s had a cracked laptop display, it might be time to call us! 

No matter how your screen got broken in the first place, we can fix them up for you. 

Our expert technicians will come out and diagnose what needs repairing before they get started so that there are no delays on fixing something unnecessary.

Laptop Hard Disk or SSD Change At Home in Mohali.

Maybe it is time to replace your laptop’s hard drive with something newer! We can help you revitalize and update laptops that are running low on space or just getting too slow.

Laptops’ old storage solutions might be obsolete, but we have the technology for a new beginning in providing more reliable performance.

Windows Installation At Home.

If you need a new machine, let us handle that for you as well. We’ll wipe out all those old programs and files from your laptop to make way for something fresh if needed!

iPhone Repair By Experts In Mohali At Doorstep.

Our team of experts is here to help you repair your iPhone! We offer a range of services for different types and models, from cracked screens to water damage. Repairing an Apple Device can be costly if it’s not fixed in time – so don’t wait too long before bringing us yours today!

Printer Repair By Verified Experts In Mohali.

Do you need a printer repair? Our team of professionals will help fix your printers with the best replacement ink cartridges. 

Whether it’s just an issue with one cartridge, or if all three are out at once – we have everything that our customers could want!

Server Services And Repair Based On Linux And Windows.

Do you need your next big project to be hosted? Our technicians have the skills and knowledge required for any of our customers’ needs. They will create a plan that is tailored just for you!

MacBook Repair By Experts At Door Step By Verified Engineers. 

MacBooks are great, but they’re not immune to the occasional problem. We love repairing laptops and have extensive experience getting your MacBook screen replaced just like new!

iMac Repair At Home.

Our technicians know their stuff. We specialize in fixing all sorts of iMacs, from the board to just a keyboard replacement!

We’re experienced and skilled tech repair specialists with years of experience repairing Apple products- including those old iMacs that refuse to stop crashing on you. 

From replacing the main boards or even just a screen replacement, we offer services for any type of problem your device might be experiencing right now!

Laptop Charger Replacement or Delivery At Home.

When the charger for your laptop stops working, it can be difficult to find a replacement. But worry not! We’ll help you get back on track with an efficient and affordable solution that will have you using your computer just like before in no time at all.

SmartPhone Repair Samsung, One Plus, iPhone, Mi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo Instantly at Our Office.

Do you have a broken phone? We can fix it! No problem is too big or small for our team. From cracked screens to water damage, we are able to repair any smartphone issue imaginable.

Book Us Now!!

If you’ve been looking for a reliable repair service in Mohali, look no further. 

We offer comprehensive and affordable computer and phone repairs to suit your needs. 

From screen replacement to full motherboard replacements, our trained technicians will get the job done right while providing excellent customer service at an unbeatable price point. 

Give us a call today!

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Best Laptop, Macbook, Printer And Mobile Repair In Mohali, Sahibzada Ajit Nagar

Lynix World is known for offering immediate in-store and Doorstep service for iPhone repair services in Mohali. Our knowledgeable, professional technicians provide a range of solutions to ensure that your device is working at its top. If you’ve damaged your phone’s screen or require an emergency battery replacement, Lynix has you covered and is the best choice for a solution to your problem.

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience and customer service. That is why we provide a warranty for all tablet, smartphone, Laptop, Macbook repairs. Additionally, we also provide an assurance that we will match prices with our competitors. If you find any repair that we offer cheaper elsewhere contact us and we’ll match it. provide you with affordability and quality.

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