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Laptop, Macbook, Imac, Computer Repair service in Ludhiana

We offer repair services in Ludhiana. Visit us for keyboard replacement, body change, printer repair, and more.

Lynix World is A laptop repair service in Ludhiana is a leading repair company with the expertise to fix any type of problem. 

We have been repairing electronic devices for over 10 years and we have the experience to get it done right. 

Our technicians are experts at diagnosing problems and fixing them quickly so you can get your device back as soon as possible. Whether you need a screen replacement, keyboard repair, iPhone repair, or anything else, our team can help.

The Services We Offer

Laptop Repair By Professionals In Ludhiana

Our team of experts can fix any laptop. Whether you need a hard drive upgrade, battery change, or anything else, we can take care of it!

Laptop Keyboard Replacement By Experts In Ludhiana

Is there any problem with your keyboard? Laptop keyboards are the most important part of your laptop. If you can’t type, chances are it’s a problem with your keyboard. We replace and repair laptops that need new keyboards!

Laptop Body Replacement In Ludhiana

Are you finding too many scratches and dings on your laptop? Does it feel like the weight of a bowling ball in your backpack or briefcase? It’s time for a Laptop body replacement. We replace laptops that have been worn down to the point where they’re barely functional.

Laptop TouchPad Replacement By Experts In Ludhiana

Do you find your laptop trackpad to be unresponsive? Is it making a clicking noise when you try to click and drag things around on the screen? If so, then we can help! Our technicians replace laptops with unresponsive trackpads.

Laptop Display Break Replacement Shop In Ludhiana

Do you have a cracked laptop screen? Is your display not working as well as it used to? Whether the fault is from an accident or wear, we can fix it for you! Our technicians will come out and diagnose the problem before repairing it so that they don’t waste any time on the wrong problem.

Laptop Hard Disk or SSD Change at Best Price In Ludhiana

Are you finding that your laptop’s hard drive is constantly running out of space? Or maybe it just seems like everything takes more time to load than before? Then it could be a good idea to change your hard disk with something better! We can replace laptops’ obsolete hard drives with new storage solutions.

Laptop Battery Change Shop Or At Home In Ludhiana

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re working on your laptop and the battery dies? You spend more time waiting for it to charge than you do working! We can replace laptops’ batteries so that they have a full, long-lasting power supply. 

Laptop Ram Upgrade At Doorstep In Ludhiana

Is everything just a little too slow for you? It doesn’t seem like your laptop is able to keep up with the demands of this day and age. We can upgrade laptops so that they have more memory, which will make things run much faster! We offer a wide variety of ram upgrades from DDR to newer technologies like DDR4 Rams.

Laptop Graphics Card Change or Repair In Ludhiana

Are you finding that your laptop’s graphics card isn’t performing as well as it used to? We can change the GPU on laptops in order to optimize its performance and make things run faster! 

Laptop Charger Replacement Or Repair In Ludhiana

Does your laptop charger not work anymore? It’s a good idea to have it replaced! We are experts at replacing laptop chargers and can get the job done as soon as possible. You’ll be back on the computer in no time, checking Facebook and working on PowerPoints with power just like you had when you first got your laptop!

Windows Installation, mac Or Linux Installation In Ludhiana

Do you need to install Windows on a new machine? We can do that for you as well. This is also a great way to wipe out all the clutter and junk from your old laptop before getting rid of it, which will help free up some extra space if needed. 

Laptop Camera Change Or Body Change In Ludhiana

Do you want to take better-quality pictures of your pets or kids? We can replace the camera on any laptop, but only if it has an integrated webcam. If not, we’ll install a USB webcam so that you can start taking high-quality selfies right away!

Laptop Hinge Broken Or Replacement At Doorstep In Ludhiana

Is one side of your laptop’s hinge always drooping? We can replace that broken hinge for you so that your laptop will stay in a steady position!

Laptop Processor Repair Or Upgrade In Ludhiana By experts

Do you find yourself frustrated by how slow things are running on your computer? It could be a problem with the processor. Our technicians know all about processors and have repaired many of them over the years, saving laptops from the trash!

Laptop Motherboard Repair By Experts at shop or doorstep 

Do you find yourself constantly restarting your laptop because it froze? Your motherboard is likely damaged. Our technicians are experts in repairing motherboards so that they can be brought back to life and running as smoothly as ever! 

Laptop DVD Change Price In Ludhiana

Do you need to change the optical drive on your laptop? We can do that for you as well. We offer all types of DVD-ROM drives, so whether it’s a CD reader or BlueRay player – we’ve got you covered!

iPhone Repair By Processionals in Ludhiana

Is your iPhone’s screen cracked or smashed? It doesn’t matter how small the crack is, we can replace the glass. We offer a wide variety of services for all types of phones from water damage to broken screens and much more!

iMac Repair In Ludhiana

Do you have an old iMac that just won’t stop crashing on you? We can repair any iMac that is still in working order. We offer all types of services from fixing the main logic board or even just replacing a keyboard!

MacBook Repair By Experts In Ludhiana

Is your MacBook screen burned out? Is it not registering input as you type on the keys? It could be time to replace your laptop’s screen. Our technicians are experts at replacing screens on MacBooks and can get the job done just like new.

Smartphone Repair Samsung, Oppo or Redmi In Ludhiana

Is your phone not turning on? Is it stuck with a white screen or black screen? We offer repair services for all types of smartphones, which means we’re able to fix any problem you might have! This includes cracked screens as well as water damage.

Printer Repair In Ludhiana

Do you need to replace the ink cartridges in your printer? We offer replacement services for just about any make and model of printer. Just bring it to our store, or give us a call!

Server Services In Ludhiana

Do you need server services like a website hosted or email service? We can do that for you as well. Just come in and speak to one of our technicians!

The many different services that we offer for electronic devices make us one of the most trusted repair shops in Ludhiana. We are experts at fixing any problem you might have with your device and can get it back to normal running condition quickly! 

Still, Interested In Our Services?

If your device needs a repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to call us. 

We offer comprehensive repairs and services for all major brands here in Ludhiana including Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple MacBook Pro/Airs, and more! 

Our experts will quickly diagnose the problem with your device and recommend an appropriate solution tailored to each customer’s particular needs. 

Call our Laptop Repair Service today at 89680 00118

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