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We are providing repair services. Our services include laptop repair, iPhone repair, iMac repair MacBook repair services, and more.

Lynix World Repair Services is a company that provides electronic repair services in Delhi, New Delhi. 

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Lynix has been able to provide dependable and affordable solutions for all kinds of electronics problems. 

We offer expert repairs on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones or any other electronics device you may need work done on. 

We are also one of the few companies who have certified engineers with an extensive knowledge about different brands and can efficiently identify the problem quickly without having to go through lots of troubleshooting procedures. 

This means less time spent trying to diagnose your issue and more time getting it fixed! 

Give us a call at 9711-888-888 today for reliable repairs from our team of experts!

Our Services

Laptop Repair

Laptops have become a necessity in today’s world. So, it is important to keep your laptop repaired and protected from all the hazards that come along with using them on a day-to-day basis. 

Whether you are looking for Laptop Screen Replacement, or need help repairing water damage we can do it!

Our top experts will be able to fix whatever issue has arisen without any difficulty whatsoever!

Technical Support Service

Do you need a way to fix your computer but don’t know where to turn? Don’t worry! 

We offer technical support so that you can get help with everything from setting up a new computer or just fixing a small problem. 

Our technicians are experts when it comes to computers, so they won’t have any problems giving you the best possible service.

Data Recovery Service

Do you have a broken hard drive that won’t read any of your information? Or is it corrupted so that no data can be recovered from the device? 

Don’t worry. Our technicians can recover all of the data from your hard drive and ensure that it’s usable once more. 

Sometimes, they will even be able to retrieve lost video footage, so that you don’t have to worry about losing your memories!

Server Services

Do you want to make sure that your server is running well? 

Let our technicians handle it! We can update your server software so that it’s better than ever before. We also have the ability to keep your server up to date so that it never crashes!

Router Services

Are you having problems with your router? It’s frustrating to have a router that doesn’t connect to the internet right and it’s even worse when you don’t know how to fix it. 

Don’t worry. We can repair your router and give it life once again!

Malware Removal Service

Do you have malware on your computer? Our technicians CAN remove it. 

We’ll fix your computer issues by removing any viruses or malware that have invaded your device. You won’t ever have to worry about malware again!

MacBook Repair 

Do you have a broken MacBook Pro that doesn’t work? We can help! Most of the time, hardware issues like this are fixable so we’ll do our best to get your laptop working perfectly so that you don’t have to buy a new one.

iMac Repair Service

Do you have an iMac at home that is not working properly? Then we are the ones to call. Our technicians specialize in repairing all kinds of Mac products and will get your computer up and running again in no time. 

We’ll also give you a free diagnostic so that we can make sure everything is fine before anything else happens!

Printer Repair

Do you need a printer fixed? If your printer is not working, then we can repair it for you! When printers stop functioning properly it’s often because of one part. 

We’ll make sure that the problem won’t be happening again so that you don’t have to stop printing things due to a mechanical error.

iPad Repair Service

Is your iPad not functioning properly? We can fix the problem so that it will be working like new again. 

Our technicians are experts at fixing all kinds of iPads, whether they have a cracked screen or any other issue.

Windows Installation and Antivirus Service   

We will help you in installing the latest version of Microsoft Windows on your computer.

If your PC is running a different operating system from what it came with, then we can help you get things back to how they should be! 

We can also install office licenses and internet security software such as Norton Antivirus if you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Defender.

Laptop Camera Change

Do you know that we can change the cameras on your laptop? 

This will be useful if you want to upgrade from the front-facing camera to a better, wider lens. 

We can ensure that everything looks good and is in place before delivering it back to you. We also do this for smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, etc.

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With more and more people turning to technology, it is imperative that electronic repair services are available for all types of devices. 

Our team of expert technicians will come right to your doorstep with the necessary parts and equipment to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Electronic repairs may be a costly inconvenience but we believe in providing an affordable price point so everyone can afford quality care when they need it most. 

If you’re not sure where or who to call first, then don’t worry because our company has been servicing Delhi and New Delhi for over 10 years now! 

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