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Keyboard Replacement

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A laptop keyboard is a component of the computer that allows you to type. A broken or damaged key might not work properly and can cause some problems when trying to use your laptop. If you have a problem with your laptop’s keyboard, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible so that you can continue using your device safely and efficiently.

Lynix World’s Laptop Keyboard Replacement is the best and most reliable service that you can trust. We have a wide range of laptop keyboard replacements to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. If you’re not sure which type of laptop keyboard replacement is right for you, our team of experts are available to help guide you through our selection process.

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Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Types Of Keyboard Replacement

We know that you have many choices when it comes to purchasing a replacement laptop keyboard. So if you are not sure which type of keyboard you should buy, please let us help guide you. We provide replacement services for the laptops of the following companies:

We offer the following types of replacement laptop keyboards:

Universal Keyboard

The first type of replacement laptop keyboard is a standard or universal keyboard. These keyboards are available in different colours and come with two keypads. The two keypads are used for the function keys, such as F1, F2, etc. It is also possible to purchase keyboards that come with one or more additional function keys (also known as an “enhanced” or “pro” version). These keyboards can also be purchased in different colours and can be purchased with or without a numeric keypad (these are known as “numeric” models).

Ergonomic Model

The second type of replacement laptop keyboard is an ergonomic model. This type of keyboard was designed to reduce shoulder strain, so it has been designed to make typing easier on the hands and wrists by having the keys placed at a more comfortable height. The ergonomic design allows for better typing accuracy and reduces fatigue, so it is recommended for people who spend long amounts of time using their laptops.


Collapsible Model

The third type of replacement laptop keyboard is the foldable or collapsible model. This type of laptop keyboard has a foldable design that allows you to store the keyboard flat in your bag, briefcase, or backpack. This type of keyboard is most often used by people who are on the go and need to be able to bring their laptop with them wherever they go.

flip-type model

The fourth type of replacement laptop keyboard is a flip-type model. This type of keyboard has a flip-up design that allows you to switch between a flat and a folded position as needed. This design prevents the keys from getting damaged when it is stored in their folded position, so it is ideal for people who like to keep their laptop in their bag or briefcase at all times (in case they need to use it quickly).

Wireless Keyboards

The fifth type of replacement laptop keyboard available is the wireless version. These keyboards are equipped with an integrated wireless receiver that allows you to connect your computer directly without having an extra USB receiver plugged into your computer’s USB port (this can be very helpful if you have several computers in your household). The wireless version can also be equipped with an integrated touchpad that makes using the computer easier and more convenient.


If you have a laptop that is equipped with an optical disc drive, you can purchase a replacement laptop keyboard that can read the contents of your optical disc drive. This type of replacement laptop keyboard is ideal for people who have to use their laptop at work and occasionally need to access their computer’s optical disc drive (which can be very time-consuming).

Benefits of Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard replacement for laptops can be a great way to keep your device running smoothly and ensure that it remains productive. By replacing the keyboard, you can easily fix any issues that might arise and make sure your laptop is as good as new. In addition, by using a quality keyboard, you help preserve the operating system’s security and performance. This can help keep your data safe and your laptop working at maximum levels.

The main advantage of replacing the entire keyboard is that it can fix many issues that might arise with the original keyboard, including:

Numeric keypad malfunctioning

This can be caused by an issue with a button on the numeric keypad or by dirt or debris interfering with its function. If this happens, you may need to replace both the numeric keypad and number pad to fix this issue.

Keys sticking

Keys sticking or not functioning properly due to dirt or debris getting between them over time. This can cause several issues, including making typing difficult and causing some keys not to work at all. In addition, if they are not cleaned out regularly, they can cause the laptop’s internal components to malfunction.

Long-Term Wear and Tear

A keyboard that is not working as well as it could be due to long-term wear and tear. This can be a result of your laptop being used for extended periods, causing the keys on the keyboard to become worn out over time. In addition, if you use the laptop for gaming or heavy typing, this will also result in them becoming worn out much quicker.


You may also have issues with your keyboard that are more difficult to fix with a replacement. For example, if it is broken or damaged beyond repair and cannot be fixed at all with a replacement, then you may need to replace your entire laptop’s keyboard with a new one instead.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If your laptop has been working perfectly and you have not noticed any errors or problems, likely, the keyboard is still functioning correctly. However, if there are any issues with the keys on your laptop, such as a broken keycap or wrong letter assignment, then contact Lynix World and get the best possible solution.

The cost for replacing or repairing a laptop keyboard can vary depending on the severity of the injury and also on your exact needs, such as an extra-large or smaller keypad size, numeric keypad support, backlight/brightness control (if needed), as well as any other features desired by specific users.